The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests and Order of Holy Wisdom

J.S.Griffin Pillar Fund

District Pillar Fund Coordinator

Ill.KT.PT J.S.Griffin GIVP

Grand College Pillar Fund

In April 2012 the then Grand High Priest launched the Pillar Fund the purpose of which is to raise funds to enable the procurement of our own premises as the Headquarters of our Order with the aim that this should be by 2024 - our Centenary. It is envisaged that such a property would house the administration of our Order including all Committee and Council meetings, a museum and, perhaps if room, space for Tabernacle meetings and a small refectory.

It was therefore decided to create a special fund and seek donations from individual Kt. Priests, Tabernacles and Districts. Like some other Masonic Orders appreciation for support would be by the awarding of a token of some description and the case of Grand College fairly low key - a lapel badge and "progressive" certificates.

The levels of contributions are as follows:-

Level Individual Kt.Ps. Tabernacles per member
Green £100 £70
Sky Blue £150 £100
Grey £400 £275
Royal Blue £750 £500
Red £1,250 £700
Black £1,800 £900
White £2,500 £1,250
Gold £4,000 £2,000

Lapel BadgeA certificate acknowledging the level of contribution will be produced for Kt.Pts. and when reaching the first, Green, a lapel badge will be awarded. Many Kt.Pts. are wearing these - look for them. When a Tabernacle reaches a level a collarette and jewel will be presented the colour of the ribbon depicting the level reached.

Sussex thus far have enthusiastically supported the Fund with some Tabernacles having already achieved Sky Blue level and a couple well on their way to Grey. At Grand College in 2016 the District was awarded "Sky Blue"

Albeit conscious of the several masonic and other calls on one's pocket, our own Grand Superintendent echoes the wish of the Grand High Priest, M. Ill. Kt. Pt. Christopher Maiden, in asking that all Kt. Pts. give consideration to supporting the Fund.

If any Knight Priest requires further information please contact your Tabernacle Representative or the District Pillar Fund Co-ordinator - see list.

All Tabernacles in Sussex have appointed a Fund Representative and these are currently

St. Nicolas Tebernacle No. 25 Ill.Kt. Paul Hollebone, PGIVP
Himalya Tabernacle No. 45 Kt. Pt. Alistair Bird
St Clement Tabernacle No. 70 V.Ill.Kt.Pt. Alan C Hobden
Haven of Peace Tabernacle No 178 V.Ill.Kt.Pt. Tony Barton, KHW, PGVIIP
Hosea Tabernacle No. 209 R.EM.KT.PT. John D Phillips CM KHW.
Holy Cross Tabernacle No. 274 KT.PT. Ryan Smith PHW

who will gratefully receive any contributions.

ILL KP J.S.Griffin.
01825 724335

District Pillar Fund Coordinator